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Chinese machine tools mall (CMT Mall)is the online e-commerce platform which is specialized in machine tools and accessories (mainly machine tools ) . Also we offer industrial structure updating services, like  offline store, logistics warehouse, after-sale service, technical service, detection of notarization, financing lease, second-hand replacement, personnel transport and etc.
This project adopts the typical operation mode of  OTO in network age and it helps to integrate the resources of industry chain suppliers effectively . With the cooperation of manufacturers and agencies from domestic and overseas well-known industrial brand, it forms a complete ecological circle which can provide quality shopping experience and professional technical service to different enterprises. Apparently, it will boost the new energy for the development of  industry 4.0 ages.

Join in cooperation

CMT mall intends to create a brand collection sales show platform,and take the advantage of the internet on brand promotion,online interaction experience, effective docking customers to display your products all-weather,all-round.It has full range of marketing channels.This platform possesses a special website information center,and lots of professionals being proficient in network marketing,e-commerce and SNS promotion, which  will make you have millions of customers attention, expand performance and increase profits.Many famous brands have join in the CMT store, such as Good friend , DOOSAN ,Syms,SECO,Qianmu,Chengliang ect. Besides, more and more brands are attending in succession.In era of e-commerce,time is money!

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